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Are Potty Training In 3 Days Effective Lessons?

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me, and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

How can lessons be effective? There are many ways to teach effectively. Some do plain lectures, power points, role play and many others, especially now that we have technology that help us creatively improve our way of teaching. But just like in every class, the teacher and his or her way of teaching will always be a factor in evaluating the learning of a student. Also, one should take note on the age of the learner. These kids are young so for a developing mind potty training in 3 days is a great time to get started with lessons. For every development of a child, there is an appropriate way of teaching suitable for one’s audiences. Take for example lecture, you do not expect a toddler to listen and understand what you are babbling about for hours. Put in mind that children have very short attention span and can be easily distracted. Even if they only saw a tiny bee, they could chase it running and leave your boring, lifeless lecture. Keep them focused using a couple sources.

Potty training is not easy. Just like us adults, when we train on gyms we don’t achieve to-die-for bodies instantly after one session. It takes discipline, perseverance, patience, hard work and faith. Same as with training a child. A child can learn if they are actively participating in your training. Sit with them and show them how it is done. You discipline your young ones in their behavior. You do not give up, although hard, do not think of giving up on your child. You need to lengthen your rope of patience. Toddlers can be very hyperactive and cannot stay in place. Work hard in order to achieve your goal and have faith in your cherubs that he or she can learn to use the potty. These are the values you need. To add, put caring, fun and compassion in your training. Make it like your play time with them and at the same time you are imparting learning in your play. Never be too stringent or authoritative so as not to damage their emotional and psychological state. Do not let them be afraid to learn with you. Accept that they cannot get things one time only and that they are vulnerable of making mistakes. As quoted above from Benjamin Franklin, involve me and I learn but tell me and I forget. If you ask me if potty training boys and potty training girls is effective, I can say, yes it is and no it is not. Yes, it is effective if you work hard because as we apply the law attraction, if you want something if you act on it then you can have it. It can also not be effective if you think you cannot. But the real answer to this question is all up to you. It will depend on how you are guiding and more importantly your way of training a child. So be a good mentor, fill young minds with knowledge while also enhancing their self – esteem. Praise them, give good remarks if they do well but also do not dishearten them if they commit slipups. Instead encourage them that they can do better the next time. This way, you potty training in 3 days can be effective.

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