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What Life Lessons Do Parents Learn When They Teach Their Kids Potty Training In 3 Days

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As parents we have goals and aspirations for our kids. It is our greatest dream for them to become great individuals who would be successful in their own chosen paths and careers. Some parents dream of their off springs becoming known business tycoons, artists, super models walking on fashion shows or become famous celebrities posted on cover magazines and it is normal for a parent to have such wishful thinking.  After all, the role of a parent is to become an instrument.  And it is a parents’ joy to see their children achieve their very early goals in life such as potty training in 3 days,click here to see some myths of potty training boys and potty training girls. An instrument in guiding and molding a child into becoming what he or she wants to be in the future.

As a child develop comes also the knowledge and learning on potty training. As parents, we want our children to cultivate the skill using the toilet. For it to be engraved in their minds that at a certain age there is limitation in some of the things that they used to do. Although young, we must also give them little responsibilities that is appropriate for their age. Potty training in 3 days is not as easy as putting a plant in a pot and then it’s done, no. It takes patience, perseverance and discipline. Starting from observing if a child is ready and showing signs of interest in potty training, investment in buying reading materials for them to enjoy while in their poo-poo time and accompanying them even if it takes time, and also making them understand the importance of cleanliness. As we impart learning to them, they also gives us lessons in return, as mentioned, we learn to be more patient and understanding, we develop techniques for them to practice and learn, and mostly, we become practical parents. To have a child is a win-win situation because although it takes time, the hardships you experience cannot compare to the joy and happiness they bring.

It gives you pride when people who come and visit your home would notice that your child is no longer wearing diapers and is now expert in using the pot, a sign of independence. Once parents like you become successful on this aspect, praises from friends, family members and co-mothers is just a bonus. What you gain more is the sense of fulfillment that you are able to accomplish in productively training your child.  You can finally say, I did it! Watching as your child would wake up in the morning and go to the pot on his or her own, not having to clean messy poops on clothes and not having to change urine soiled linens. You would see them walking around wearing under wears, feeling proud of seeing them do things on their own and note to yourself that they really are growing up so fast. Parenting is a learned process, there is no such thing as instant expertise when it comes parenting. Through these experiences, you learn step by step on how it is to be a parent. Treasure these moments, for as your child grow as a person, they also help you grow as good parents.

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