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For Whom Are The Lessons Easier, Potty Training Girls Or Potty Training Boys?

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Gender has really been an issue since time before. Who are smarter, boys or girls? Who are fast learners, is it the male or the female specie? In ancient times, women are only supposed to stay at home, take care of her kids and love her husband. The same idea is talked about in our source that goes into potty training boys and potty training girls. But luckily today, women are given more importance and voice. Although gender equality an issue now a days. Let us take a look on both genders. Male is considered a word which means big, tough, and strong leader. It has been a long argument in which men claim they are stronger, smarter and better leaders than women. Nevertheless, women intensely disagree.  Women have the compassion to lead, with their brave but soft hearts; they are able to understand more the people thus making them more productive front liners. Women have comprehensive thinking that they can connect the dots easily, making them experts than detectives especially when it comes to their other halves. And then again, the list of arguments goes on.

Same goes with children when potty training boys and potty training girls. It is a common but adorable argument among kids if who is stronger, smarter or who does better at this and that, and is often the starting ground of their fights. There is no denying that there are really kids who are born geniuses. These kids have extraordinary capabilities when it comes to learning and skills. Many believe that brain size matters, the bigger the brain, the smarter the person. But this theory has really not been proven to be real. For me, size doesn’t matter. Say for example the heart, the size of a heart is the balled fist of a person, small isn’t it? Yet, when the heart decides, everything else will follow and it even affects your brain with every decision. It is a small organ compared to the brain but the capacity and emotion it holds is colossal. I believe the same goes with the human brain, the capability of a brain to function is based on the owner. This is similar when it comes to potty training. A child’s brain has a capacity to learn, it just needs to be developed. And one important aspect is the intervention of parents on how they impose learning to a child. Learning is acquired, so if you are able to deliver well a lesson, learning will be present. So the answer to the question is, everyone is already intelligent, there is just a need for good training ground which will be found mainly on parents. Parents are the very first mentors to their kids. Training is the same on both genders. They have the same brain, development and capabilities, you just have to enhance and reveal their potential. To add, children are not that easy to handle but as they say, if you love what you do, it is worth it. These kids can be geniuses if you as parents would be great mentors to them.

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