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What Future Lessons Does Potty Training In 3 Days Teach Kids?

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In every goal, there are always guiding points that will help you succeed. You cannot just directly implement something which you did not thoroughly think about, the same goes in potty training a child. Potty training in 3 days may seem easy nut you are wrong, it isn’t. A child goes into the same growth pattern and enter into same stages, but every child has his or her own way of thinking and view on things. Your every action and decision as parents will greatly affect the development of a child. So here are some tips and guidelines that will help you gain successful potty training that will be beneficial to you as parents and to the kid as well.

First, before anything else, observe for signs showing that your child is interested and ready to be potty trained. There are variances when it comes to age, some children start to show signs as early as eighteen months, while some start on ages two to three. Do not push a child into potty training. You may give hints but never force them . Signs could either be verbal o through actions. He or she may demonstrate interest by mimicking your actions as you use the toilet or by directly telling you that they want to try using the potty. Second, apply the virtue of patience. Patience is vital for every accomplishment. As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. You are training a child, not an adult, so a lot of patience is mandatory from as a trainer and reinforces that. Third, be creative. You know when you become parents, there are talents you could perform you never knew existed. You become dancers, song writer and singers. Children are eager learners, they get enthusiastic with something new. You could have a song like, “it’s pee-pee poo-poo time for me, it’s fun, fun, pee-poo time with me!” See, it’s not so bad isn’t it? That is because you actually haven’t heard me sing, but really, singing with them is fun, they wouldn’t mind even if you achieve all the wrong notes. You could also buy reading materials so that they would not be bored while in their potty time. Talk to them, sit in the toilet as you also act with them. To add, let them see a role model, an elder boy maybe who is already potty trained, most mothers claim that this awakens the kids’ interest. Next, which is very crucial, do not be a dictator. There is little learning in a room filled with tension, be gentle. Do not instill fear in them. Do not force them, you can persuade but never demand. Fifth, be a solid supporter, be with them always. Just staying beside them to give them company is a big thing for them. Make them feel they can rely on you. Lastly, do not show disappointment. They can have lapses and wet beds due to exhaustion, etc. Children want to please their parents and disappointment from you makes them feel bad about themselves. To sum, be a parent to them, a lamp to their path. One day these kids will be parents too and they will never forget the time when they were potty trained by you. Give them good memories to share and pass on. This training will teach them to be responsible and at the same time will enhance their knowledge. It will inculcate in them the virtue of patience as they remember yours. As future parents, they will become good role models as you were to them.

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