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For Whom Are The Lessons Easier, Potty Training Girls Or Potty Training Boys?

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Gender has really been an issue since time before. Who are smarter, boys or girls? Who are fast learners, is it the male or the female specie? In ancient times, women are only supposed to stay at home, take care of her kids and love her husband. The same idea is talked about in our source that goes into potty training boys and potty training girls. But luckily today, women are given more importance and voice. Although gender equality an issue now a days. Let us take a look on both genders. Male is considered a word which means big, tough, and strong leader. It has been a long argument in which men claim they are stronger, smarter and better leaders than women. Nevertheless, women intensely disagree.  Women have the compassion to lead, with their brave but soft hearts; they are able to understand more the people thus making them more productive front liners. Women have comprehensive thinking that they can connect the dots easily, making them experts than detectives especially when it comes to their other halves. And then again, the list of arguments goes on.

Same goes with children when potty training boys and potty training girls. It is a common but adorable argument among kids if who is stronger, smarter or who does better at this and that, and is often the starting ground of their fights. There is no denying that there are really kids who are born geniuses. These kids have extraordinary capabilities when it comes to learning and skills. Many believe that brain size matters, the bigger the brain, the smarter the person. But this theory has really not been proven to be real. For me, size doesn’t matter. Say for example the heart, the size of a heart is the balled fist of a person, small isn’t it? Yet, when the heart decides, everything else will follow and it even affects your brain with every decision. It is a small organ compared to the brain but the capacity and emotion it holds is colossal. I believe the same goes with the human brain, the capability of a brain to function is based on the owner. This is similar when it comes to potty training. A child’s brain has a capacity to learn, it just needs to be developed. And one important aspect is the intervention of parents on how they impose learning to a child. Learning is acquired, so if you are able to deliver well a lesson, learning will be present. So the answer to the question is, everyone is already intelligent, there is just a need for good training ground which will be found mainly on parents. Parents are the very first mentors to their kids. Training is the same on both genders. They have the same brain, development and capabilities, you just have to enhance and reveal their potential. To add, children are not that easy to handle but as they say, if you love what you do, it is worth it. These kids can be geniuses if you as parents would be great mentors to them.

What Future Lessons Does Potty Training In 3 Days Teach Kids?

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In every goal, there are always guiding points that will help you succeed. You cannot just directly implement something which you did not thoroughly think about, the same goes in potty training a child. Potty training in 3 days may seem easy nut you are wrong, it isn’t. A child goes into the same growth pattern and enter into same stages, but every child has his or her own way of thinking and view on things. Your every action and decision as parents will greatly affect the development of a child. So here are some tips and guidelines that will help you gain successful potty training that will be beneficial to you as parents and to the kid as well.

First, before anything else, observe for signs showing that your child is interested and ready to be potty trained. There are variances when it comes to age, some children start to show signs as early as eighteen months, while some start on ages two to three. Do not push a child into potty training. You may give hints but never force them . Signs could either be verbal o through actions. He or she may demonstrate interest by mimicking your actions as you use the toilet or by directly telling you that they want to try using the potty. Second, apply the virtue of patience. Patience is vital for every accomplishment. As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. You are training a child, not an adult, so a lot of patience is mandatory from as a trainer and reinforces that. Third, be creative. You know when you become parents, there are talents you could perform you never knew existed. You become dancers, song writer and singers. Children are eager learners, they get enthusiastic with something new. You could have a song like, “it’s pee-pee poo-poo time for me, it’s fun, fun, pee-poo time with me!” See, it’s not so bad isn’t it? That is because you actually haven’t heard me sing, but really, singing with them is fun, they wouldn’t mind even if you achieve all the wrong notes. You could also buy reading materials so that they would not be bored while in their potty time. Talk to them, sit in the toilet as you also act with them. To add, let them see a role model, an elder boy maybe who is already potty trained, most mothers claim that this awakens the kids’ interest. Next, which is very crucial, do not be a dictator. There is little learning in a room filled with tension, be gentle. Do not instill fear in them. Do not force them, you can persuade but never demand. Fifth, be a solid supporter, be with them always. Just staying beside them to give them company is a big thing for them. Make them feel they can rely on you. Lastly, do not show disappointment. They can have lapses and wet beds due to exhaustion, etc. Children want to please their parents and disappointment from you makes them feel bad about themselves. To sum, be a parent to them, a lamp to their path. One day these kids will be parents too and they will never forget the time when they were potty trained by you. Give them good memories to share and pass on. This training will teach them to be responsible and at the same time will enhance their knowledge. It will inculcate in them the virtue of patience as they remember yours. As future parents, they will become good role models as you were to them.


How Do Lessons In Potty Training Affect Older Versus Younger Children?

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There is a time for everything. And every aspect in the growth of a person affects his or her way of viewing things. As parents you must also be mindful of the things you impart to your children. Because your words and actions on how you react will be engraved on their minds. Never belittle these experiences for they will always remember it. Always put in mind that your role is to help them build and boost their confidence when potty training in 3 days using a great guide.

When is really the right time or the right age for potty training? A lot of experts or experienced mothers would suggest and give their own opinions on suitable ages to really train a child in using the toilet on his or her own. In Europe, they tend to train early such as eighteen months, but in the United States, they start to train between ages two to three.  If we look into history, during the 1950’s the average age that potty training is already complete is one year and two months. No one really knows, why?  Because every child is different. Although they follow the same pattern of growth, children learn and grow in their own phase and ways. Now let us look at the pros and cons of early and late potty training in 3 days.

Looking back again at history, there was a rule wherein the government had a rule on absolute regularity of bowels through inserting soap stick on the child’s rectum. Imagine the trauma of these poor children who have experienced such before they could even walk. But later on, because of the negative psychological effects of such bad practice, it was disregarded. Well, it should be! Luckily no one today practices such. Studies show that those who have undergone early potty training in 3 days have more likely experienced stool withholding and urinary tract infections. It is because even though they already feel the urge, they hold it until they can find the pot or the area where they used to defecate or urinate. They also tend be go on “accidents” such as defecating or urinating in public areas because they cannot hold it anymore. Psychological effects have not been proven except those who have experienced very strict potty training wherein later in life, some have developed an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. On the other hand, potty training for older children also have its issues. A child who is trained late may develop a decrease in self-esteem and can affect their social interaction. Take for example a school age child who is still wearing diapers and all his or her classmates are not, the child could feel ashamed of him or herself for not being trained earlier and could be a subject of bullying in class. To add, timing is everything. Do not force something if it is yet not ready. Time will have its course. Remember that the welfare of your child must be put first before anything else. Become a good mentor first to your child and you will be rewarded with a good student.